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Free Appraisal

Our goal is to minimize our footprint and maximize your payout. Contact our licensed timber buyers today to schedule a free appraisal. 


Logging Services

Our professional loggers who are dedicated to keeping your timber beautiful and clean. We ensure all property lines and trees are marked before we start. We also take great care to prevent trees from falling in your creeks and streams during the logging process. 



Our contracts are designed with the landowners’ interests in mind. No forest product can leave a property until the landowner is paid in full. A copy of our contract is available upon request. We evaluate the price of each log based on current market prices.

Since the 1800’s the gold standard for pricing timber is the Doyle Scale. The Doyle scale calculates how many “board feet lumber” a log will provide. A board foot is 12″ x 12″ x 1″. It is a specific unit of measure used in the United States and Canada for the volume of lumber.

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